The benefits of teaching your children a second language are nearly limitless. Not only will this help your child gain the ability to communicate with Spanish speaking individuals, but it also goes a lot farther than that. Through learning another language, your child will also learn about other cultures, societies, and other people. Learning and understanding another language are ways for your child to better understand the world around them and the many different kinds of people that inhabit it.

There are numerous methods that can be used in order to teach children a second language – or any new language for that matter. We employ methods that best suit the learning characteristics of your little one. We can help your child learn through books, stories, music, games, and more. We will start with the basics by teaching your children the numbers one through one hundred. Once they have the numbers memorized, we teach them about colors, then animals, and so on and so forth.

Our education methods are hands-on and personalized to the unique needs of your little one. This is so they are able to learn at their own pace without having to feel pressured or stressed. If you would like to have your child learn how to speak Spanish, please feel free to give us a call at 443-280-4378.