Nursery School

We welcome children ages 3 to 4 years old. We “follow the child” and let our nursery school students explore in a safe and loving environment and ensure they are safe and held when needed. There are beautiful montessori materials for nursery school students to explore with appropriate shelving to develop fine-motor skills. There are opportunities for friendships to begin, and organized and beautiful materials in sequence for the Primary Montessori curriculum: sensorial, math, language, science and practical life. We offer a unique ratio to allow for a consistent and individualized experience for your child. The Virginia Department of Social Services requires a ratio of 1:10 and we maintain the same ratio here at Pinebrook Montessori Kids Enrichment Center.

Children during this period in their lives need order, independence, language, and movement. We provide an environment for your child to continue caring for himself but also begin to care about their environment and others. You will see at this age they help friends put on their coats, shoes, have responsibilities to clean, and are eager to learn. They gain practical skills for independence, fine and gross motor skills, social skills, and begin to explore reading, writing and arithmetic. We provide a daily routine that is consistent so your child can trust their environment and know what they can expect each and every day. We have materials that are organized in a certain order so that your child can continue to progress academically and socially. Some of the many beautiful lessons you child will experience are learning learning how to write in cursive, reading, tracing letters, writing their name and writing the name of their friends, organize the snack table and pour their own water and help others pour their water, begin to learn challenging mathematical computations such as addition, multiplication, learn to tell a story, thread a needle and sew a small pillow together, learn scientific terms such as parts of a tree, parts of a flower, parts of a ladybug, and learn the continent song, and how to work with puzzles, and much much more. Come visit us and be ready to be amazed by this incredible setting your child can be a part of. You have to see it to believe it and we will provide you with all that you need so that you can continue providing this kind of learning at home.