Curious about the Montessori Method of Education?

Here are some great links that explain what it is, who it is patterned after and why. The approaches in the classroom setting and how we use these methods to inspire your child’s imagination and encourage the growth of self-confidence.  Maria Montessori    

STEM Toys and Activities for Spring from Pinebrook

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are the foundations of our society. Teaching children about these building blocks in their early years helps them explore the world around them in a more fundamental way. Making connections between nature, building, shapes and numbers inspire children from a very young age to feel confident and curious. Skill […]

We Love Science Projects At Our Preschool

We Love Preschool Science Projects! We made Salt Crystal Snowflakes in January during our winter science month, the kids had lots of fun stirring the water, pouring in the salt and checking to see if it was dissolving or not and dipping in the pipe cleaners and yarn. We made fun colorful formations. These projects […]